Taste & Smell alternatives

On Friday I showed up to the shop with what turned out to be a massively lame cold. Gee, let me dial in the bag of Five Candles espresso that was roasted on the 11th when I can’t smell or taste anything. What do you do?

My first attempt was to just try and drink one, bad idea. I got no rum raisin, no syrupy brown sugars, clearly no chocolates, but I did get bitter, with a hint of Emergen-C. Next I enlisted my parameters (dose, volume, time) and since those were all where they should be I felt confident I could effectively sling beverages.

Lastly, Pele came in so I just made him a Gibraltor that he gulped down with no complaints, so I guess when in doubt just have the trainer come in and taste for you. Here’s to my health!


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