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Gearing up for the SWRBC… buckle up, buckeroo!!


Camp pull a shot

Camp pull a shot…

I want that

Today was my first day back to work after soaking up serious magic in Disneyland. I felt refreshed and inspired… Ready to show up and do something I’m loving more all the time. But when a friend leaves you some new espresso to try and you like it, but feel like you never hit the sweet spot what do you do? I want to learn a solid approach to dial-a-spro…

Boom. Roasted

What coffee will I use? What’s my signature drink? Is my milk good enough? Will I really feel like throwing up?

Er, how about I take Pele’s advice and just read the SCAA rules n regs until I know them by heart for now ?? Aaaand maybe ill be inspired for my sig drink by this:!

Who Are Ya?

I’ve found that I get wrapped up in coffee fads. Even silly things like hearing a friend talk about a coffee a certain way and then I’ll catch myself passing that on to a customer, instead of my true taste experience.

Do I actually know that this Sulawesi is sweeter than most Indonesian coffees? Nope, but it’s a peaberry so I’m right, right….?

So I’m gonna continue to soak up what my friends are doing with coffees and how they are doing it, cause they do it really freaking good, but as a service to myself and others I’m gonna try and establish a deeper connection with coffee ways and words… Who knows maybe I’ll set a trend haha. I mean I’m constantly becoming a Barista so it’s kinda my job to connect more and more.

Cold Brew

So I’m home taking care of Mersey, who is now a confirmed bachelorette, and I’m wondering if as many people go bonkers over cold brew as much as me?

What is it? Is it that for years I worked in a place that either a) brewed hot coffee and stuck it in a cambro only to pour over ice after it cooled, or b) skipped letting it cool and just poured hot coffee over ice? I would like to think I’m not as scarred as that but that I’ve found a great process that my taste buds don’t cringe from.

I’ve got the last of the Gedeo and that means in an hour I can drain the La Josefina and let the summer out!